SACMI SERVICE executes centralised management of the administrative and tax fulfilments associated with the active and passive cycles, with general accounting of Italian companies belonging to the SACMI Group with the aim of:
- Ensuring homogeneous accounting and control practices.
- Establishing fast, effective, exacting administrative management.
- Creating added value for the SACMI Group via cost reduction, the creation of economies of scale and process standardisation.

The goal of SACMI SERVICE is, with regard to Group companies, to act as an intermediary for the provision of I.T. and telecommunications services and as direct manager, coordinator, supervisor and controller of the performance of such service providers.
Moreover, the Information Systems Management team has also been founded with the aim of optimising resources, costs and existing organisation for the benefit of all SACMI Group companies.

Legal Services involve the prevention of lawsuits, also through the provision of legal support to the various company managerial teams, consultation and collaboration with them and training vis-à-vis risks and problems connected to certain operations as well as legal support for SACMI IMOLA S.C. and the Group’s Italian companies. Also includes the handling of relations with all lawyers working within the Group.

This activity consists of lending support to corporate activities, especially exceptional operations (i.e. establishment, capitalization, liquidation, takeover and shedding of shares or Group company branches) and, likewise, the drawing up of contracts, acts and the definition of notarial proxies.
In addition, it provides delivery of data registration/modification/cancellation paperwork to the Businesses Register for the Group companies; including  other various services supplied by the Italian CCIAA. Time marking of documents is also carried out.

This job consists of providing Group companies with support for problems of a fiscal nature; this may concern direct and indirect taxation, the presentation of appeal applications, taxation of exceptional business operations and the analysis of country-specific tax laws and, similarly, support in handling problems concerning taxation of the Group with particular reference to the drawing up of the Consolidato Fiscale Nazionale.

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